SAS Shoes Review – Cozy Slide Sandal

I have been taking steroids in order to walk around without a mobility aid. Somehow I can get up at 6AM and do yoga, but after that I have difficulty moving. A big problem is that my legs and feet are as big as water balloons. They constantly itch and burn, and it’s hard to put any pressure on them at all. Imaginably, this makes walking almost impossible.

This past week, I had to go into town for a doctor’s appointment. I had my cute pink mask on, and the only pair of shoes I could get my feet into – some Franco Sarto Chelsea boots I had gotten as a Christmas present. While sitting in the passenger’s seat, I had to peel off the boots 3 times because of how badly my feet were swelling.

Eventually, my husband, family and I decided that I needed to get some high quality shoes that would be versatile in Texas. My mom has owned and worn a single pair of San Antonio Shoemakers, SAS, sandals for 35 years. She bought them right before her wedding to my dad. The shoes are handmade in San Antonio and I discovered when I walked into the store it was the kind of place that didn’t have prices listed anywhere. Fancy.

I settled on a pair of straight-up Velcro sandals fairly quickly by asking for help (as I was in my boots, I needed to get out of those things and be assisted while sitting down). They were the Cozy Slide Sandal in a double wide. This time in stores they were on sale for $114, the shop keep told us – if you click the link, you’ll find the full price.

A thick-soled cream colored open heeled sandal with velcro straps and a "SAS" insignia
My sandal, which was a gift from my husband for our 6 month anniversary.

The Cozy Slide Sandals are really, really comfortable – and they do their job in assisting me in moving around without a mobility aid. I wear them all around the house because they feel like walking on clouds. This adds a layer of fluffy but structured cushion between me and the floor, making it easier for my feet to hold up to individual steps.

The sandals might not be the most fashion-forward, but I was so relieved and proud of them that I took a couple of pics of them on my feet. (These will  not be shown, because, well, I don’t want to end up on a google search for fat feet. I have sick feet, not fat feet, thanks.) I purchased the matte cream color that still sparkles a little in the light. The versatile color and the fact I’m in Texas means I’ll be able to wear these 2/3 of the year with basically any outfit. And for the price, I will probably be wearing them with all of my outfits.

I used to tease my mother about her SAS sandals, because to my young self they looked like old lady shoes, but I totally understand now. Hopefully these last 30+ years. I’m not much of a shoe person, but nothing quite feels like a brand new pair of shoes. With the addition of my neuropathy and swelling, shoe buying has a new layer to the hunt. Knowing where to look certainly helps.