I Started Yoga School: My Longtime Yoga Teacher Training Goal Realized as a Spoonie 200 YTT Yoga & Ayurveda Center

A woman on a pink mat with a white background extending her body into the cobra yoga position - shoulders back, head tilted upward, feet pointing downward, hips and legs hovering above the mat.
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Before I developed chronic pain, I had a host of mental health disorders. Two biggies were dissociation and anxiety. I would bump into people walking around in public, duck out of hallways to be met by a face too flustered to apologize (and not sure to apologize). Not to mention my health was poor in general. I lacked stamina and self-esteem (problems which came back later).

My university offered 200 level and 300 level kinesiology courses in yoga for a required fitness credit. I took three of these required 200 level courses because I loved it so much.

Gradually, through learning savasana and deep breathing through poses, I became more in tune with myself. I began to see the world around me and my place in it. It was easier to not bump into people in public and my posture improved — because I was now aware of how my physical body felt.

Outside of my kinesiology classes, I took yoga at the recreational center daily, and purchased a yoga mat (which has now been destroyed by cats, and I badly need a new one).

I fell out of yoga when I graduated college due to working the night shift, but journeyed back once I developed chronic pain. I found I still remembered many of the asanas and my yoga textbook from college. Surprisingly I was still limber — although the philosophy of yoga is so much more than that.

Right now 45 minutes a day of yoga is helping my pain flare, any more than that is damaging me. I am hoping I can pull out of this okay. Right now the Yoga Alliance is letting online students register with them upon completion of a Registered Yoga School’s program by December 30, and I intend to do just that.

I can throw myself really hard at things, and I’m trying not to do that. Pacing for me is very difficult. Currently I’m reading the Bhagavad Gita as an audiobook and copying my notes from the past two days.

Should you wish to become a registered yoga teacher, check out the Yoga Alliance’s Rating on the Yoga & Ayurveda Center, my school. I am taking the 200 level RYS and loving it so far!

My goal of becoming a yoga teacher is to help other chronically ill people with chronic pain like myself, and to also heal myself: body and mind.

The light in me recognizes and observes the light inside you,


My Fibromyalgia Exercise Plan

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This past week a friend confronted me about how I wasn’t taking care of myself, and I had to admit that I wasn’t doing exactly everything I could to fight fibromyalgia. A big problem that I have is physical therapy because my husband and I simply can’t afford it. I tried it four times before we realized we went 3k over our budget. It did help, but if there is no money, there’s no money.

Then there is yoga. I have a hard time focusing on yoga nowadays due to fibrofog. When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia in August 2019, I tackled it head on like a football player on a ball. I exercised for almost two hours every day until winter began. What I did was yoga for 45 minutes, then I would swim for another 45 minutes.

As an already trained yogi I could do yoga with minimal guidance. However, winter came and ouched my joints and fascia. I also had to plan two weddings – my original big outdoor wedding and then my emergency house wedding. The stress was high, and my body deteriorated. I fell off the exercise horse.

After my wedding, things got even more worse with family situations. However, now I’m at a place where I believe I can start gently getting back into exercise.

My Gentle Fibromyalgia Exercise Routine: 5 Minute Increments

The key to my exercise routine is to exercise for 30 minutes, broken up in 6 rounds of 5 minute increments throughout your day.

First thing in the morning, do four different yoga stretches.

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Start by stretching your arms overhead, then touch your toes. Swing your arms back up above your head and lean your arms from side to side.

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Breathe in, swoop your arms directly above the center of your head, then draw them down to the center of your chest at your heart.

Now, you’re ready for your five minute interval!

The Five Minute Interval Cardio

Set a timer on your phone for 5 minutes, turn on your favorite music, and hop on your exercise bike, jump rope, elliptical, or trampoline.

I used an exercise bike, but not everyone has those. You could also punch a punching bag, just make sure it’s a cardio workout and you only do it for five minutes.

Then, when you’re finished, set a timer for one hour. Then go through the yoga stretches and the 5 minute cardio again until you’ve completed 6 rounds.


If you need more rest than an hour, it’s okay. I didn’t strictly follow the hour rule due to things needing to be done, but it’s a useful tool.

If you have any physical therapy exercises that can be done while doing your intervals, such as shoulder rolls, do them!