Wedding Planning For Spoonies: Getting Back on the Horse

Watercolor painting of red roses with two bells above a rainbow wash and two spoons, one in a blue bow tie and one in a wedding dress holding hands. The text reads "wedding planning for spoonies by Meara Mullen"

Special thanks to @KarenDScotland and @AManWithFibro who made this iteration of the book possible.

I am on iteration 4 of the book. Right now I am awaiting the official MS notes from my editor. But she did send me some more notes in an email. Right now my job is to:

  • Beef up word count (sitting around 20,000 words which is a bit short after gutting the book)
  • Make the book more hopeful and peppier

The book’s job is to serve:

  • the mobility impaired (meaning wheelchair users, cane users, walker users, anything that helps you move, etc)
  • those who suffer from chronic pain
  • those who have chronic illness (this is a huge range – and includes those with epilepsy)

I’ve taken a break for a week or two from writing because of various stressors in life and I’m going to take advantage of a calm day of chaos to get back in the saddle again. Thank you to those who have helped me with my interviews and surveys, you are invaluable and amazing.

If you should wish to contribute to the project, email me at The more research the better!


  1. Good luck with all the changes and additions you need to make on the book. I hope you get back to and manage to enjoy the process of writing after your calm break – space away from a project can help bring such freshness to it.

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  2. I look forward to reading your content when it’s polished and ready to go. This sounds like such a great topic. I got my diagnosis two months after I got married, but I was definitely flaring before my wedding and on my wedding day and I had no idea why! I actually went horseback riding two days before our ceremony and now we know that this activity, plus the combination of flying from Taiwan to Canada, and then from Canada to Mexico where we got married equals a spoonie nightmare for wedding plans. I would have done things a little differently if I had known and had resources to look at back then.

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  3. The purpose of the book is really fabulous. And I get the whole gutting process though I’ve only gutted many a blog posts, heh. Definitely makes things clearer and more articulate and pleasant to read though. All the best with it! 🙂

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