Not Giving Up

NOT a novel

When I first shared my covers on Twitter, there seemed to be some confusion about “the brides different ability.” This discouraged me a bit about my communication skills. I think this is partially because I am keeping this project a little bit under wraps.

The Differently Abled Bride Guide is a wedding planner book for women with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Differently Abled is the PC term for those conditions, as either of those groups can define themselves as disabled, not disabled, or differently abled.

I am trying to create a one-stop wedding planning resource for women with conditions ranging from fibromyalgia to paraplegia and everything in between. This is why I have been conducting so much research. I want accurate and inoffensive information.

Yesterday, I had some discouragement. I was approached by a publisher who asked me for $20,000 dollars to publish my book.

I’ve never even spent that much on a car. That is a fancy car to me.

This came immediately after my favorite publisher rejected me. So far I have 12 rejections in a month.

I know what I am doing is risky and out of the ordinary. My friends were so encouraging. But I’ll stick to it.

Don’t give up y’all. Some day we’re all gonna change the world. We’re gonna help people.


  1. Hi… What you’re doing is going to be so helpful to so many.

    I don’t know how publishing a book works, but would an e-book be possible without the need of such expensive publishers?

    Just a thought – I obviously don’t know much.

    Good luck with this…

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    1. Hi Shruti, the expensive publisher was a shark. It wasn’t a traditional publisher, it was a hybrid publisher which takes money in exchange for publishing your book. Traditional publishers PAY you to publish your book. If after a year I don’t get a deal I’ll do an ebook. But I’m starting to promote now, so people know about it and will look for it. Thank you for your well wishes and support.


  2. Kim Petitt says:

    I understand. In the process of trying to publish my book that talks about my experiences with Spina Bifida, a publishing company wanted to charge me $32,000. *sighs*

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    1. Oh my GOODNESS. I hate those fake publishers so much! Keep going, the real ones don’t charge.


      1. Kim Petitt says:

        I’m trying to self-publish…the process is surreal. I don’t know what I’m doing lol.

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      2. Check out They have webinars on how to self publish that are free! I just watched one this morning!


      3. Kim Petitt says:

        I’ve watched them over and over and don’t know what I seemed to be doing wrong. I uploaded my manuscript but am lost from there.


      4. Are you doing ebook or paperback? Ebook went smooth for me, but paperback I had to hire someone off of fiverr for $30 to help me.


      5. Kim Petitt says:

        I’d like to do both. Is fiverr, a website?


      6. Fiverr is a website. is a freelancing gig website where artists and other specialists do micro-jobs for people. You can have a book formatted there.


      7. Kim Petitt says:

        I’ll check it out. Thank you for the tip!

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