6 Wedding Mistakes You Will Laugh Off Later

Spoonie Weddings
Bride and groom kissing
6 wedding mistakes you will laugh off later

1.The Groom Panicks

My groom came running into my bridal suite – that is, my childhood bedroom – screaming about how no one had the time to help him tie his bow tie. His father would be ashamed of him and give him a hard time. Never once did he call me beautiful, or seem in awe, and I had just gotten ready, makeup and dress. At the time it really hurt, but the ridiculousness of the bowtie situation is laughable now.

2.You Struggle to Fit in Your Dress… But You do!

This is every bride’s worst fear. It nearly happened to me. But I had… wait for it… Walmart Spanx on hand! They were super soft and just what I needed to slip into my dress.

I think the cheap Spanx is the best kind. I’ve had many throughout the ages and the best compression shorts (the kind I wear) have held up since 2014 and are extremely soft.

3.Your First Kiss is Interrupted

Babies crying, phones ringing… for Bear and I the doorbell rang with an Amazon package of our aisle runner (my family did my wedding by the seat of our pants) and our flower dog came running down the aisle barking!

4.The Music is Messed Up

Bear and I didn’t have the budget for a real DJ, despite me finding one, my parents are against real music at weddings for religious reasons; it really was their wedding anyway. They didn’t even want us to have a first dance! So we had an iPod DJ. My mom volunteered but couldn’t figured it out, so the ceremony was messed up until a college student family friend took the reins, then we had no music the entire reception, as is my parent’s religion’s custom. Finally we got to have our first dance despite some resistance.

5. It Rains on Your Wedding Day

It did rain on our wedding day! But we had gorgeous pictures. The lighting in the rain makes for the best photographs.

6. You Lose Your Day-Of Coordinator

Unfortunately, this was the case for us. It wasn’t her fault. My health took a turn for the worse and we had to reschedule the wedding; she couldn’t accommodate us. Spoonie weddings are hard to keep track of because they are so unpredictable, especially if the bride is a new Spoonie.

However, we ended up feeling the love from our community. This was a great gift.

Weddings can have all kinds of blunders, or “mistakes”, but they’re nothing to be worried about. None of them mean your marriage is doomed or that you’re not beautiful.

However, as a bride, you’ll quickly learn that your wedding is not about you – it’s usually about your mom, your MIL, your aunt, the groom… because after all, weddings are a team sport.

Keep that in mind, and also keep in mind that even the best of us turn into bridezillas.

It’s okay. Hugs to you, you’re marrying the love of your life!

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