Happy 3 Month Anniversary to My New Husband, Bear!

Where to start on this… We’ve only been a short while together, but we’ve been through a lot of hard times and the good.

I want to celebrate you baby, I need to praise you like I should.

That was a rephrasing of our recessional, Praise You by Fat Boy Slim.

I’ve done a lot of wedding shit talk on this blog, now it’s time for some love talk about you, using photographs of me, because you’ve asked me not to post pictures of you on this blog.

This was me the day we met. You had selected me from a photo online for a pixie haircut I had a few months prior that I had grown out. I had it cut into a bob that day with blonde highlights because I thought my face was too fat for a pixie. You later told me you were disappointed to find me in the burger stand with grown out hair, but I was still the prettiest girl you’d managed to score a date with.

We started to go on hikes, and you’d tell me names of all the plants, insects, and animals. At first I didn’t know what to think. You were the first human Pokedex I had ever met, but eventually figured out how to catch up by listening to you.

Your passion for living creatures, for the environment, for something bigger than you which generated your humility, was what drew me to you. It made you an excellent caretaker when things unforeseeably got rough. This passion is what gives you unwavering loyalty and transforms you into my rock.

But let’s talk about you…

You’re adorable.

You basically man squealed when I told you that you had ponderable intricacies.

You love terrible 80s music.

You’re an excellent vegan cook.

You. Stopped. Eating. Meat. For. Me.

You ate a veggie patty for me on the first date, and that was the first time you met me.

My dog loves you.

You know a lot about everything.

I don’t like this about you but it’d be on your character sheet: you have weird little color coded sock holders to keep your socks together in the wash. It is a ponderable intricacy (a negative one, there are positive and negative intricacies).

You love Jesus AND you’re a liberal.

You support women’s reproductive rights.

You know that love is love.

I love your science brain that is also a nice, kind, gentle brain.

Our first dance to “For the Dancing and the Dreaming” from How to Train Your Dragon

You’ve loved me in sickness and health.

You’ve loved me through all my body changes.

You call me beautiful every day, probably more so than when I was fit and beautiful, you handsome devil.

I trust you to see diamonds in the fog and beauty in the dirt. For you I will stand by your side always, even when I run away. Thank you for loving my broken self.

Love you always,

M. O’Shea

Read more about our House Texas-Style Spoonie Wedding here.

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