Working through the pain

Work is therapy for me. Or rather, graduate school is. I wake up around 4am to 5am and throw myself into a school project. School projects are generally more relaxing than wedding planning crap because those are stressful as hell and I never wanted the big formal wedding I’m going to have. The man, yes. The hundreds of people and logistics? No. I am bad at logistics.

When life gives you lemons, it’s okay to make a website about lemons.

However I love creating. Whether it’s a piece of writing, a new website I’m building, or some new graphics (from looking at this website I’m sure you all know I’m not good at that) but I like taking a stab at it and making something from nothing.

In my foundations class in graduate school the point is to teach ourselves a technology. In 2011 I built my parents’ church their first website. As a kid I learned creative technology for fun. I know, nerd alert! But I fell into a deep depression and lost all of my knowledge of photoshop, HTML, and CSS. So I’m taking it all back. It’s been a fun, rewarding process.

The biggest part of work therapy is that it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I’ve been unemployed for over a year now. It left me with a great sense of unaccomplishment and lack of pride. However getting back into virtual, computer work – I know for sure I can work from home as long as I’ve got an internet connection. This gives me hope.

So, a recap:

Pocket full of starlight: when life gives you lemons, make a website about lemonade.

Pocket full of darkness: when life gives you lemons, it’s okay to make a website about lemons too.

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